Welcome to Blue Hills Adult Education!

Blue Hills School District
Superintendent-Director – Jill M. Rossetti

58th District School Committee
SCHOOL YEAR 2022-2023

AVON Mr. Francis J. Fistori, Class of 1975

BRAINTREE Mr. Eric C. Erskine, Chair, Class of 1981

CANTON Mr. Mark Driscoll

DEDHAM Mr. Thomas R. Polito, Jr.

HOLBROOK Ms. Taryn M. Mohan, Class of 1996

MILTON Mr. Clinton Graham

NORWOOD Mr. Kevin L. Connolly, Vice Chair

RANDOLPH Ms. Karen Graves

WESTWOOD Ms. Sheila C. Vazquez

BHR ABE’s Vision

BHR ABE’s vision is to create a safe and inclusive environment where adults develop the skills, knowledge and support needed to grow, persist, and achieve their aspirations.


In pursuit of our vision, Blue Hills Adult Education’s mission is to:

  • Actively seek to recruit underserved ABE students
  • Identify barriers to enrollment and provide options that reflect the shifting needs of our students
  • Provide engaging learning opportunities that help students develop and prepare for college and careers
  • Integrate authentic learning projects to help students develop transferable skills
  • Actively build community by amplifying our students’ voices in decision-making
  • View students’ differences as an asset which enriches the class experience
  • Bring opportunities to highlight and explore career and secondary school opportunities for our students


Why students like Blue Hills Adult Education:

” I feel more security when I speak and write in English. Every day is a new opportunity to speak well in English.” ESOL Student, M.M.

“Before Coronavirus my difficulty was listening. For now it has changed.” ESOL student, R.M.

“The program has opened up a new world for me.” — Milton F

“Before I started the program, I thought that my educational goals were over. They helped me realize that dreams never die. The teachers helped me a lot. I wish for the program to stay for a long, long time, so they can help others.” — Louis G