Working with the community is beneficial for our students!

Student speaks to health insurance professionals at Norwood Hospital Wellness Fair

I learned a lot of important things at the health fair. For example, calling 911, what to do when you come to the hospital, how to use the interpreter services, what sleep disorders are, and about knee and hip pain.
The most important thing I learned was how we need to have clear and efficient communication with 911. Call 911 only in important situations, be calm and keep in mind all important information, such as your name, the nature of your emergency, your phone number, and location.
Every day we have dangers around us and we never know when we will need help or when other people will need help. I drive almost 1,200 miles per week and I can always be at risk for accidents. Keeping in mind the location, the direction, and point of reference can help me in case I need help.