Congratulations Patience and Jean!

Congratulations to HiSET Prep graduates Patience O (left) and Jean H (right), who recently who recently earned their high school credentials! Patience is applying to the nursing program at Roxbury Community College, and Jean is entering the Transition to College Program at Massasoit Community College. We wish them much success.




Carl Polito’s story is published in newspaper

Former Blue Hills Adult Education GED Prep student Carl Polito wrote a story that appeared in the September 2012 issue of the newspaper The Change Agent. Published by the New England Literacy Resource Center, the newspaper features articles about social justice for adult education students and teachers. Carl’s story was selected from hundreds of stories submitted by other students.

Carl’s goal is to get his GED and then study information technology in college. He hopes his writing helps others.

To Gain Resilience Will Hurt Sometimes

By Carl Polito

In 1990, I experienced a large setback when my father passed away. I was only nine years old when he died; this was a difficult time in my life. I didn’t want to be with anyone including my friends, classmates, and even family. The only thing I wanted was not possible; I wanted my father back.

I tried running away from everyone and everything. The only person I couldn’t shake off was my older brother. He was two years older than me but we were very close to each other. He always told me that there would always be things that will set you back. He said they might be little things or they might be big things. If you work through them, you will become more resilient from the experience. He told me that time moves on, so live your life to the fullest and don’t stop. I will never forget the wisdom he shared with me back then, allowing me to move forward towards living again.

My brother died last year; he was hit by a drunk driver. I had just spoken to him about two hours before the devastating moment. My life blew up in front of me when he died. I don’t think that I would have been able to work through this second loss without remembering those conversations my brother and I had when my father died. The resilience I gained from my father’s passing and my brother’s support made me much stronger for my family when my brother died. I was able to be there and support them, and I was not as afraid of the whole ordeal as I was when I lost my father.

Challenges come at you in different ways, some small some big. From experience, you become wiser and you are better able to cope. I conclude that resilience is different for everyone and the way you go through it is special to you.

Quotes from students

“This program has been helping me to improve my reading and my math. I’m getting better in my spelling. It is helping me to be able to achieve my dream which is to become a registered nurse. I recommend the program to other people. I appreciate all the teachers at Blue Hills Adult Education.” — Alma S


“I enjoy every day . . . every minute that I spend here.” — Magalie Z


“This program has a positive impact on my life. Now I’m able to read a newspaper, browse the internet, and help my daughter with her homework. It helped me improve on my writing skills. As a result, I feel confident, positive, and ready for the next step in my life, which is to get my GED diploma by the end of this year…”

Angela G


Here’s a quote for those concerned
For those who choose and need to learn
No shame, no blame, but wisdom earned
Your mind will shine, it’s now your turn
Welcome to the GED Program at Blue Hills.
– André L


“Before I started the program, I thought that my educational goals were over. Until I found the adult education school. They helped me realize that dreams never die. They can come true. The teachers helped me a lot by preparing me for the exams. They are very patient with me. I wish for the program to stay for a long, long time, so they can help others just like me finish their education.” — Louis G